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our mission:

to handcraft the most delicious, safe, & trusted chocolate edible in California.

-Premium customers deserve a premium product-


An open mind is the best kind

Finish every moment on a high note.

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Our story 

Our story begins with our long time advocacy of using cannabis for a range of medical benefits. Our desire is to be involved in the cannabis movement to help spread our extensive knowledge of those benefits to more patients each day. Corbin, a dentist, and Chris, a chocolatier are two of four partners and have been friends for over 35 years. The two have watched the quality of the medicine get better every year.


Our chocolate

We offer four different flavors of chocolate including Dark Side, Bada Bing Cherry, Mint Condition, and Clockwork Orange. All flavors come in both 100 mg and 250 mg dosages. We also offer our 1000 mg of THC Cannablast bar. By mixing lab tested and qualified oils with the richest chocolates, we create and distribute the most delectable, safest, and consistent chocolates to communities all over California.
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