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We believe our chocolate can make a positive difference in your life.


Our cannabis-infused chocolate bars are made to be your favorite dessert, your morning pick me up, your creative stimulus, your perfect relaxation medicine, or all of the above & more. We infuse our own pure THC distillate into the finest Belgian chocolate to create four completely vegan, delectable flavors.

All of our oils that are used to make our medicines are extracted from the highest quality flower via Supercritical CO2. The flower we use has never been treated with chemicals, pesticides, or fungicides. This produces consistent, high caliber results and predictable dosing.


 We extract using our Eden Labs Hi-Flo FX20L 2K extractor—equipment that has become the standard for quality. The oils are then winterized and rotovapped to remove the plant waxes, leaving behind the safest, purest, and healthiest oils for human consumption. Our customers deserve only the most premium oils available: We think highly of you. 


Our oil is run through Summit Research Short Path equipment to remove all remaining and undesirable terpenes. Professional testing is conducted by Steep Hill Labs, Sequoia Labs, and SC labs to assure purity and potency level before and after oil is extracted. We use premium oils for premium product